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24 October 2021 / 18 Rabiul Awal 1443



**UPNM Client Chart Achievement - Click here to view/download

• To coordinate the MS ISO 9001 quality management system document and record preparation, assessment and maintenance for each PTJ in UPNM;

• To coordinate and organise trainings/ seminars/ courses which are related to the aspect of quality, auditors’ training, level benchmarks and the national and international best practices;

• To carry out research on customers’ feedback and complaints; and to coordinate continuous improvement efforts;

• To plan and coordinate policies related to quality assurance development and up-grade all University’s operational aspects including academic, research, consultation/ societal services and support service;

• To co-ordinate service evaluation for the whole university in the academic aspect, military training, management, support service and research;

• To foster good relations with other units/ centres in other higher learning institutions in order to share experiences and information to improve further our institution;

• To gather, disseminate and publish information related to all quality aspect;

• To perform research related to higher learning quality by combining the involvement of internal and external personnel expertise for decision making and quality planning in UPNM;

• To prepare services and consultation in the field of quality management;

• To plan, handle and monitor academic programme accreditation in accordance with MQA and to act as a body for academic audit and internal quality audit;

• To monitor the quality level and quality assurance of all academic programmes offered by Faculty/ Centre in accordance with the accreditation requirements set by the Public Service Department or Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) and other profession bodies as well as an effective implementation of Key Performance Indicators(KPI);

• To monitor the quality of teaching and learning system in order to meet the fixed quality standards; and

• To organise or be a committee member of Quality Day Programme.

Last Updated: 08 April 2019