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16 January 2022 / 13 Jamadil Akhir 1443


Future Cadet Officer and Cadet Officer

Future Cadet Officer who made it to the Foundation Studies program from the first year of Bachelor will be appointed as an Cadet Officer and eligible for funding from the Ministry of Defence as follows: Future Cadet Officer and Cadet Officer


UPNM Cadet Officers will be paid on a monthly basis in accordance with existing policies and regulations that are applicable and subject to the ATM.


A Fixed Incentives Payment are given during studies period, clothing allowance and other incentives according to current regulations.

Annual Bonus

A benefit and subject to supporting parties.

Study Cost, Accommodation Cost and Military Training

Is fully borne by Ministry of Defence

Degree and Commission / Employment Assurance

Candidates sponsored by the Ministry of Defence who pass the academic studies and military training will be awarded a Bachelors Degree and short-term commission. After the commission, they will serve as Officers with the rank of Second Lieutenant in the three Malaysian Armed Forces.

Financing for Public Students

Public Students are allowed to apply for scholarship/ charity scholarship/ loan or other financial aids from qualified organizers. Sponsorship and loan requirements as well as rules are subject to particular parties. Some of the sponsors that can bear the study costs at UPNM are as follows:

ROTU and WATANIAH for Public Students

Last Updated: 27 February 2019