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19 January 2022 / 16 Jamadil Akhir 1443


Center of Quality Assurance and Data Management is under the responsibility of a Management Representative or Wakil Pengurusan (WP), Assisstant Vice Chancellor (Academic and International) and is assisted by the Centre for Quality Committee. While all departments, faculties, centers, or the specific unit was represented by a Quality Manager to coordinate activities related to the quality management system to ensure that the management system more effective and efficient in their division.

The existing function of this centre is more focused towards the monitoring scope based on MS ISO 9001:2015 Standardisation for Quality Management System or Sistem Pengurusan Kualiti (SPK). With the permanent positions in this centre, its roles will be widened in order to implement the SPK monitoring that follows the standardization and accreditation from other professional and international bodies like JPA and Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA). With this, the monitoring of the new KPI suggested by the Ministry of Higher Learning will be easily applied. This is in line with UPNM role which is based on academic excellence and military knowledge.

Last Updated: 26 September 2019