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24 February 2020 / 30 Jamadil Akhir 1441


Career Prospects

Graduates of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Defense has specific career opportunities for ATM and in the public sector especially in terms of science and technology. Graduates with a Bachelor of Maritime Technology will gain exposure to handle maritime assets such as battleships, maritime aircraft and submarine navy.

Graduates are also eligible to join the navy, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), the Malaysian Marine Department, Fisheries Department and other government agencies or private sector engaged in the maritime field. To graduate with a Bachelor of Computer Science program have the opportunity to work in the field of ICT, either in government, private or ATM. The career prospects are:

a. System Analyst

b. Software Analyst

c. Intelligent System

d. System Administrator

e. Network Security Administrator

f. Computer Network Administrator

g. Game Designer

h.Safety Officer

i. Project Manager

j. Software Engineer

k.Information Technology Officer

l. Research Officer

The BSc Defense will be offered in the academic session 2014/2015. BSc graduates can join the Defence Forces, Police, Fire Department, the Customs Department and the various sectors of government or private sector officials.

Last Updated: 07 October 2014