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28 January 2022 / 25 Jamadil Akhir 1443


The Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)

Message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)

Research and innovation (R&I) are two important agendas for universities all over the world. Even though UPNM is a young public university, R&I agenda is as important as the other academic agendas in the university. UPNM is determined to inculcate excellent research cultures where all academic staff are actively involved in research activities. This new university is perhaps the only institution that can claim authority in a unique research niche, i.e., Defence and Security. Therefore, it is quite natural for research focus in this university to be centred around this niche area.

To materialise this important agenda the University has to provide a conducive environment for research and innovation. Experiences from world-class institutions strongly indicate that the task of providing a conducive research environment is a challenging one. There are many key success factors that would determine the success of inculcating a research culture in academic institutions. One of the critical success factors is for the academic staff to be able to carry out their research activities in the most productive and meaningful manner. This can only be done if research funding is easily available for the researchers. With the current economic situation, it becomes a challenging task for the university to provide research grants from internal funding and it’s equally perplexing for the researchers to search for grants from external funding bodies. While having research grants and research capabilities is crucial for researchers, availability of adequate infrastructure for research is equally important. For researchers, the possibility of securing research grants relies heavily on their ability to put forward good research proposals to funding bodies.

The establishment of Centre for Research & Innovation Management (CRIM) is pivotal in building a conducive research environment in this university. The roles of CRIM include formulating research policies and guidelines, assisting researchers in building research capabilities, acquiring research funds as well as managing the funds effectively and efficiently. Other administrative roles such as communicating with external agencies (e.g., MOHE, MOSTI etc.) on issues related to research funding, regular monitoring of research progress by researchers and some other matters will determine the smoothness of research agenda at UPNM.

All these roles and objectives are part of the ‘Strategic Planning for Research and Innovation’ at UPNM. The strategic planning will have to be used as a guiding reference in the pursuit of research excellence. With strong determination and continuous efforts by all parties, UPNM shall achieve its ultimate dream, i.e, to become a leading institution in Defence & Security research, not only at the national level but also at the regional and international levels.

Last Updated: 04 October 2018