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28 January 2022 / 25 Jamadil Akhir 1443


The curriculum structure of the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Languages and Cross Cultural Communication) is illustrated below. The structure is divided into three academic years with two normal semesters yearly. For military cadets, they have to register for Unarmed Combat course and Military Training courses, and for the rest, they have to opt for co-curricular courses and join the ROTU. The students too are given the options for their majors to choose between English, French, Mandarin and Arabic. Other foreign languages will be offered in the next intake.

Year One

Semester 1 Semester 2
LEL 1012 English for Academic Writing DUM 1012 Sejarah Ketenteraan dan Kenegaraan Malaysia
LSS 1134 Theories of Cross Cultural Studies LAN 1012 TITAS
LFL 11X2 Foreign Language I LLE XXX3 Elective II
LSS 1114 Intercultural Communication LFL 12X4 Foreign Language II
LSS 1124 Culture and Development LEL 1022 English for Oral Communication
LLE XXX3 Elective I LSS 1244 Sociolinguistics
QKS 1621 Unarmed Combat* LLE XXX3 Elective III
QKS/K/L/B XXX1 Co-curriculum** ALK 1012 General Military Training I/PLS 1021 PALAPES II
ALK 1012 General Military Training I/PLS 1011 PALAPES I

Year Two

Semester 1 Semester 2
LLE XXX3 Elective IV LLE XXX3 Elective VII
LLE XXX3 Elective V
LSS 2244 Translating Language and Culture: Negotiations and Representations
LFL 20X3/LEL 2033 Reading and Writing Proficiency/Phonetics and Phonology
LLE XXX3 Elective VIII
LFL 21X3/LEL 2133 Intermediate Users/English for Military
LFL 22X3/LEL 2243 Intorduction to Culture/English Language in Context
LSS 2134 Language Diversity: Variation, Choice and Change
LSS 2123 Research Methodology
LLE XXX3 Elective VI LLE XXX3 Elective IX
QKS 2621 Unarmed Combat* QKS 3621 Unarmed Combat*
QKS/K/L/B XXX1 Co-curriculum** QKS/K/L/B XXX1 Co-curriculum**
ALK 2012 General Military Training II/PLS 1031 PALAPES III ALK 2012 General Military Training II/PLS 1041 PALAPES IX

Year Three

Semester 1 Semester 2
LSS 3110 Industrial Training LSS 3236 Mini Thesis Writing
LSS 3125 Report Writing for Industrial Training LLE XXX3 Elective X
LAN 1032 Ethnic Relations
DUM 1022 Effective Leadership and Entreprenuership
LFL 31X3/LEL 3253 Syntax/English Syntax
LFL 32X3/LEL 3263 Communication Skills/English Semantics and Pragmatics
ALK 3012 General Military Training III/PLS 105/61 PALAPES V/VI

Last Updated: 11 May 2017