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03 December 2021 / 28 Rabiul Akhir 1443


Managing industry and corporate affairs between UPNM and the industry which includes:

1. To manage issues with respect to relations with the industrial training of students.
2. To manage issues with respect to entrepreneurship among UPNM citizens with the involvement of the industry and academia, including students.
3. To manage issues with programme instructors with industrial attachment.
4. To increase the capacity and ability of students to face real industrial environment.
5. To establish and strengthen industrial relations in various fields especially defence field.
6. To help students and educators to gain knowledge and increase scientific improvements, acquisition of experience, exposure to the actual practices of the industry and applying their knowledge in both teaching and learning.
7. To ensure the industry’s cooperation with the universities in producing capable students and teaching staff, including the intellectual and personal development of a sustainable and competent leadership.

Last Updated: 30 June 2011