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16 June 2019 / 13 Syawal 1440


Historic University deal to secure the future security and safety of Malaysians

Penulis :BKKPA Jumaat, 05 Feb 2016

UPNM - In an historic first for a Malaysian University, the National Defence University and the International Policing and Justice Institute (University of Derby) has commenced a strategic partnership, starting with the setting up of a jointly-funded Chair in Security Studies. The Chair aims to bring together the world-leading education and research of both organisations to help Malaysia face contemporary security threats and develop the capability and professionalism of security organisations in Malaysia.

The deal, involving an undisclosed sum in sponsorship by the UK’s International Policing and Justice Institute, was formally agreed on New Year’s Eve 2015, following two years of development. Already in plan is the delivery of leading edge short courses in Post-Blast Investigation, Countering Radicalisation and anti—terrorism skills

In addition a new undergraduate degree in Policing, dual joint accreditation by UPNM and the University of Derby is being presented to the Education Ministry for approval next month, as well as a postgraduate leadership programme for Policing.

The partnership comes about as part of UPNM’s drive to lead South East Asia in applied security studies. However, the deal would not have happened were it not for the Polis Diraja Malaysia’s ground-breaking partnership with the University of Derby to upgrade the quality and integrity of its training.

“PDRM’s professionalization agenda was the inspiration for this,” says Institute Director, Professor Kevin Bampton. “The Institute recognized world class police training was going on at PDRM, but because of local issues was incapable of carrying Higher Education accreditation.

“UPNM also recognizes this and, together with the Institute, provides the local next step to develop that education for officers.”

The deal will allow sergeants with University of Derby awards to enter directly onto Masters programmes at UPNM, rather than first having to spend thousands of ringitts and years completing additional undergraduate study. Constables will be able to access a wide array of undergraduate awards, while Derby-accredited Inspectors will be able to complete Masters qualifications in half the time and at half the cost.

Prof. Madya Dato’ Akhtar Zainudin, the first post-holder of the Chair commented, “I am delighted and privileged to take up this role. The Institute’s partnership with UPNM will make Malaysia a regional leader in security education, but will also help to secure our national security in a way which respects human rights and the international rule of law.”

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