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16 June 2019 / 13 Syawal 1440


Student Mobility

Penulis :Akademik Isnin, 26 Sep 2016

Yet another project by the “JOINT CHAIR” in 2016 is a ‘Student Mobility’ programme. This entails two Computer Science undergraduates (1st Semester of Year 2) from NDUM to continue their semester studies at University of Derby. Their Credits ascertained over the semester there, will be transferred to NDUM upon their return, for them to finish the remaining BSc Computer Science programme at NDUM. This is the first of such programmes in NDUM. We certainly hope this will pave the way for more of such activities in the future.

The lucky students chosen via a tedious selection process are Syed Muzzameer bin Syed Zulkiplee and Muhammad Anwar Syaamil bin Mohd Kamal. Both students acquired high CGPA scores in their 1st year to qualify for this ‘Student Mobility’ programme. Anwar (Left of pix) hails from Perak, while Syed comes from a small town, Banting in Selangor. Both students will be travelling overseas for the first time in their lives. Hence, they have undergone intensive language & orientation training sessions conducted by NDUM as part of their preparatory schedule over the last 3 months. The two gentlemen will depart Kuala Lumpur on 21st Sept 2016 and are scheduled to return in-country on 20th December 2016.

The programme is jointly funded by NDUM and the University of Derby. While NDUM undertakes the responsibility of Travel, Accommodation, Living & Meal allowances; the University of Derby subsidizes a large portion of their tuition fees.

The JOINT CHAIR would like to take this opportunity to thank all agencies responsible to help make this happen. Whilst it is obvious that staff from both universities have worked hard in successfully launching this programme; much appreciation need to be conveyed to other external agencies such as the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur & the Ministry of Higher

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