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22 October 2021 / 16 Rabiul Awal 1443


The inspirational talk series run by the leadership chair and leadership centre of NDUM is a series of talk design to bring up the salient leadership examples of the practitioner of leadership. The talks will be presented by selected leaders of the military and corporate world where presenters will share their real life leadership experience with participants.

The focus of the talks will be on analysing forms of leadership practise by the presenters and to draw examples applicable to the participants. The concept of listen, learn and lead will encourage our young leaders to indulge in leadership by example. NDUM hopes to inculcate good leadership practices in order to build leaders of characters.

The inspirational talk series must be taken in context with other leadership program run by the leadership chair. It supplements the thinking skills and character building of leaders of the future and gives them the required leadership skills so important in the high intensity of military and corporate world.

Duty Honour and Integrity: Lessons Learnt from Nuri Flight Cockpit

Duty Honour and Integrity: Leadership Qualities of Rasullulah SAW

Duty Honour and Integrity: Leadership from Perspective of a Pilot

Duty Honour and Integrity: Women’s Boat to Gaza-Leadership and Diplomacy at Work

Duty Honour and Integrity: Lessons from October 1981 Ambush in Legong : Failure of Command or failure of Leadership

Duty Honour and Integrity: Tactical Leadership Experience in Counter Insurgency Operations

Duty Honour and Integrity: Challenges of Leadership in an Uncertain World

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