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22 October 2021 / 16 Rabiul Awal 1443



The leadership symposium is being organised to look into current leadership styles and theories. The focus of the symposium will be on military leadership in the operational and strategic context. The symposium hopes to draw the presenters experience in military leadership based on a real time operational setting.

The situation in Mindanao was chosen as a case study of leadership skills and style as it presents a challenging situation in an international setting with international actors both military and civilian. Each presenter were former Heads of Mission of the International Monitoring Team Mindanao and they were there at different times and in different situation. This diversity in situation and styles of leadership will bring different ways of dealing with the complex situation and ultimately brings out good leadership lessons to be learnt.

In getting the message across, the concept of listen, learn and lead will be applied and if correctly done, will encourage our young leaders, to indulge in leadership by example, by drawing on the experiences of the presenters, in real life leadership challenges. By listening and learning from the experience, young leaders, will be able to take some leadership lessons and equate it to their own leadership challenges and subsequently derive their own leadership philosophy.

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